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I'm Dan. Originally from the UK, I now live (on stolen land) in Kingston, ON.

I love listening to music (I have an eclectic taste, but metal and classical are my true loves), reading, and watching motorsport!

(I work from home as a computer toucher.)

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Here are threads of my notes (mostly quotes) from reading some theory.

Are Prisons Obsolete? by Angela Y. Davis:
Comrade by Jodi Dean:
The End of Policing by Alex S. Vitale:

(I'll reply to this with new ones as I start them.)

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Politics-wise, I'm a lefty, and inclusion is very important to me. I'm currently trying to work out what that means for me, both in my online life and my offline life. (I deal with a lot of anxiety, which makes working that out much trickier!)

Related to politics, this Mastodon/hometown instance is my first foray in to the world of the decentralised web, which I think is going to be very important over the coming years.

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Another very important part of my life is my ginormo-dog, Colt! We rescued him earlier this year. He's a ~4yo Great Dane and very friendly!

(The rescue named him Colt because he snorts like a horse when he is annoyed about something. They were not wrong to do so!)

Steely Dan implies the possibility of other Dan alloys; a Tinny Dan, for example

darkened - the black winter (may 2022) 213/365 

excellent death metal album, every track is great. every member kicks ass which makes sense, this is a supergroup, but unlike a lot of supergroup projects this feels like a coherent band. probably my second favourite death metal album of the year

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Benjamin: I'm not 'out of the closet.'
Benjamin: It's more of a containment breach.

italians dont say gnarly, they say gnarlissimo

cole's law is if you cut cabbage up real fine and mix it with mayo, vinegar, lemon juice, a little sugar and some salt and pepper, it makes a pretty good side dish

steely dan - the royal scam (1976) 212/365 

more dan! maybe my favourite album thus far!

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Hopefully the last begpost in a while, but bills & debt are piling up and I'm just not coping. I also need to buy food etc.

£500 would cover me until my payrise kicks in, or £300 would cover the next month. I hate having to do this but I have no other choice.

Please boost etc if you can 💖

Lord, I woukd never do a vizier check-in. Perhaps some other viziers... but not I, not your loyal Colophon. Why, if six others also posted this with their names to suggest they are plotting and scheming little rat bastards who would always be there to slink around in the shadows and do some Disney villain style shit, I am sure that I would not be among them, not trusted Colophon who has only my lord's best interests always at heart...

i'm doing a vizier check-in. i need 6 viziers to post, not share this message, to show you're always there if someone needs to plot, scheme, etc

prokofiev - piano concerto no. 3 (1921) 211/365 

piano concertos can be overwhelming for me, because the piano is capable of so much polyphony in addition to the whole orchestra. this applies here too, but I enjoyed the ride even if I'm not following it as well as other pieces

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badempanada has been driving the usians on youtube mad with his recent anti-veteran tirade and I love it so much

🎶 i saw evgeny kissin prokofiev
underneath the mistletoe last night 🎶

nite - voices of the kronian moon (march 2022) 210/365 

the spotify algorithm suggested this as an addition to my 2022 playlist so I gave it a go. it's cool! black metal vocals over fairly traditional heavy metal, which is not a combo I thought would work, but it's a cool hypnotic vibe, I like it!

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miles davis - the new sounds (1951) 209/365 

prokofiev is not the only important musical figure of the 20th century I want to catch up on.

this is davis' debut album as a leader, and it's really great!

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So Taiwan shows if you drop Zero-COVID you don't pick up where other countries are now with better vaccines, you get all the cumulative deaths they already had as it makes up for lost time and rips through your COVID-virgin population all at once.

🤔I think I'll pass thanks.

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Hmm Taiwan decided to drop Zero-COVID in May, let's check in on them to see how that's working out?


(If we'd done the same on the Mainland there would have been a *minimum* of 500,000 dead since May based on those numbers)

But the economy!


arch enemy - deceivers (aug 2022) 208/365 

I enjoyed this more than their last album! alissa mixes in some cleans, which I like! I think the band is more consistent on this album, and it works really well

I have noticed the lyrics get less anarchist and more "the first rule of punk rock is loyalty" since alissa joined, but they still have their moments (and are never actually objectionable)

and now I'm caught up on the arch enemy discography!

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the cool thing about hugs is that they are easily converted into suplexes

steely dan - katy lied (1975) 207/365 

more steely dan! this feels much in the same vein as the last album, I dig it though they continue the streak of having a few questionable lyrics per album which I dig less

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