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Here are threads of my notes (mostly quotes) from reading some theory.

Are Prisons Obsolete? by Angela Y. Davis:
Comrade by Jodi Dean:
The End of Policing by Alex S. Vitale:

(I'll reply to this with new ones as I start them.)

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I'm Dan. Originally from the UK, I've been living in Kingston, ON since March 2017.

I love listening to music (I have an eclectic taste, but metal and classical are my true loves), reading, coding, and watching wrestling!

I work from home as a software engineer on the Ubuntu :ubuntu: Server team. My focus in that team is on cloud-init and curtin.

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Politics-wise, I'm a lefty, and inclusion is very important to me. I'm currently trying to work out what that means for me, both in my online life and my offline life. (I deal with a lot of anxiety, which makes working that out much trickier!)

Related to politics, this Mastodon/hometown instance is my first foray in to the world of the decentralised web, which I think is going to be very important over the coming years.

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Another very important part of my life is my ginormo-dog, Colt! We rescued him earlier this year. He's a ~4yo Great Dane and very friendly!

(The rescue named him Colt because he snorts like a horse when he is annoyed about something. They were not wrong to do so!)

@skelly i hate monorepos even when done correctly, please just let me download the one thing i actually want

horseradish be like *blows your nasal cavities up big and round*

multilinguals are even the most effective solution to the problem of international communication (for monolinguals)! whenever a monolingual has a communication problem that our single language is inadequate to, we must simply hope that there is a multilingual nearby

and, funnily enough, in most of the world there usually are multiple multilinguals nearby. if one of them doesn't speak both your single language and the language you need to be able to speak, but can't, don't worry - just throw more multilinguals at the problem until you have a workable interpretation chain

and if this sounds complex and sometimes unworkable to you, just remember that if the monolingual in question was simply multilingual, the problem would literally be easier.

the presence of monolinguals is the problem with international communication that the expansion of monolingualism, or machine translation, or the learning of universal auxiliary languages and the like, are nominally proposed to solve

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a lot of people have proposed solutions for international communication that presume that multilingualism is a bad solution. but, in fact, multilingualism is a very good solution to the problem of international communication.

the main reason for thinking that multilingualism is a bad solution to the problem of international communication seems to be linguistic nationalism, and perhaps especially its enfant terrible monolingualism. one might posit that monolingualism is most of the problem with international communication in the modern area, yet, for some reason, the monolingualists continue to think that surely there must be an easier or more effective solution to "the problem of international communication (for monolinguals)" than multilingualism

Seeing as the "What's an RPG?" discussion seems to have come back, I guess it's time to once again take the hilariously-opposite stance for no reason other than to annoy everyone: every video game where you control a character is a role-playing game

seeing a disgusting post going around, here's a less vulgar version

PRIEST: unum naturale habiturus
CONGREGATION: ridiculum est me nemo
ALL: cum non iens

PRIEST: Gonna have a normal one
CONGREGATION: No ones gonna be weird at me
ALL: Not gonna cum

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since i moved instances, i lost my original post about this

my partner and i are having an extra chaotic time in TN with our plumbing and job searching, and we need help shipping our storage container with basically all of our stuff to us

we are running out of time to get this money and if we don't get it, we lose everything including our bed and several sentimental items

currently we need $900 to cover things, but this amount may increase as we also have to get a plumber out to our house and we aren't sure how much that's going to cost

i'm trying my best to get a job and to get commissions, but commissions have been slow this month and despite several interviews, i have yet to be hired by anyone

i'm not trying to be a bother, we are just 2 queers doing our best, please help us out if you can


cashapp: $SCoyote

venmo: SCoyote

#mutualaid #MutualAidRequest #transcrowdfund

type of guy who insists that jesus was japanese bc he saw it in an anime

I can't believe eugen made the ios masto app without rollback netcode

the CDC has announced that it is now safe to jump off a cliff


you're telling me these chickens run a co-op?

Urgent! TW: assault and trans misogyny


Kit has been attacked by her roommate, misgendered, and is currently in prison because of wrongful charges filed by her roommate. Bail amd immediate housing are vital for her, as her… More safety is as risk. Please contribute and amplify as much as possible!

We're trying to raise at least 150 for bail funds.


Anything you can send would be extremely helpful.

Cash app: $yesinia1

the year is 2043. i have finally been cancelled after i am caught selling counterfeit yu gi oh cards to 8 year olds

"can you see the bottom?"
"don't look down sam"

if I were making a mastodon app I would probably do like sliders, or maybe breaded deep-fried nuggets, something like that

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