New blog post: APT Patterns

If you have ever used aptitude a bit more extensively on the command-line, you’ll probably have come across its patterns. This week I spent some time implementing (some) patterns for apt, so you do not need aptitude for that, and I want to let you in on the details of this merge request !74.


@juliank As I said on IRC, IMO ?name should have the behaviour that ?exact-name is described as having, and the current name behaviour should be renamed to something that indicates more explicitly that it's a regex (?name-regex, ?name-pattern, something like that).

As ?name is named that way for legacy support, I wonder if introducing something like ?name-regex an an alias for ?name would still be good, so that people who want to be _explicit_ that it's a regex have that option?

@juliank Effectively ?name is deprecated in favour of the explicit options (?exact-name and ?name-regex). What do you think?

@Odd_Bloke I think that probably makes sense. But probably should do that in aptitude too.

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