Enjoying my wrestling filled weekend thus far. KoT Night 1 last night, followed by TJPW. Catching up on last night's CMLL during the day today, before KoT Night 2 tonight, then KoT "Night" 3 tomorrow afternoon.

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I always enjoy when I watch it live, but it's not in "catch up afterwards" territory for me yet. Part of that is because I don't have a great handle on who is who yet, so watching with the Splania Discord folks who are properly into TJPW makes it a lot easier to follow along. (Plus watching with those folks is always a blast!)

Chikara, and more specifically King of Trios, was really the first non-WWE wrestling that I ever watched, so it will always hold a special place in my heart.

And is just a blast, IMO. The crowd always love it, and they generally put on a pretty good show. For me, it's low stakes fun that I can tune into for free at the same time every week, which is perfect.

(Incidentally, almost all of their shows go up on their YouTube almost immediately, here's last night's show: which I'm catching up on as I pontificate.)

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