CMLL (Mexican lucha libre wrestling) is happening!

Official Youtube:

Bootleg Youtube: (courtesy of

I'll be posting a breakdown of who is who under here.

Match currently happening is Blue Panther Jr/Pegasso/Black Panther vs Misterioso/Okumura/El Sagrado


Blue Panther Jr: blue himself
Pegasso: horny
Black Panther: black panther

Misterioso: sparkly green mask with neck tassels
Okumura (cpt): no mask, Japanese
Sagrado: skull shirt, black/white mask


live lucha libre wrestling (CMLL) 

Most of these matches will be under "Australian rules", which means two things:

(a) it's best 2 out of 3 falls,
(b) each team has a captain, and a fall is scored when you pin/submit either the captain or _both_ of the non-captains

This is confusing! Go with it! You'll work it out, and it doesn't matter too too much anyway in a lot of these early matches.

(Ooops, forgot the spoiler tag before.)

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live lucha libre wrestling (CMLL) 

This is the poster for the event btw!

live lucha libre wrestling (CMLL) 

Next up is Rey Cometa vs Stigma in a relampago (or lightning) match. This is only for a single fall and has a ten minute time limit, so expect a lot of action.


Rey Cometa: white face paint
Stigma: red/black mask

live lucha libre wrestling (CMLL) 

Well, that slapped!

We're back to the usual format now with Sanson/Cuatrero/Forastero vs Soberano Jr/Atlantis Jr/El Audaz.


Sanson: Black/white open chin mask
Cuatrero: White/black mustache-y mask
Forastero: Uh, the other one

Soberano Jr: Blue/white mask with feathers, blue/white long boys
Atlantis Jr: Lighter blue/white mask
El Audaz: Gold/red mask

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