CMLL (Mexican lucha libre wrestling) is happening!

Official Youtube:

Bootleg Youtube: (courtesy of

I'll be posting a breakdown of who is who under here.

Match currently happening is Blue Panther Jr/Pegasso/Black Panther vs Misterioso/Okumura/El Sagrado


Blue Panther Jr: blue himself
Pegasso: horny
Black Panther: black panther

Misterioso: sparkly green mask with neck tassels
Okumura (cpt): no mask, Japanese
Sagrado: skull shirt, black/white mask

live lucha libre wrestling (CMLL) 

Most of these matches will be under "Australian rules", which means two things:

(a) it's best 2 out of 3 falls,
(b) each team has a captain, and a fall is scored when you pin/submit either the captain or _both_ of the non-captains

This is confusing! Go with it! You'll work it out, and it doesn't matter too too much anyway in a lot of these early matches.

(Ooops, forgot the spoiler tag before.)

live lucha libre wrestling (CMLL) 

This is the poster for the event btw!

live lucha libre wrestling (CMLL) 

Next up is Rey Cometa vs Stigma in a relampago (or lightning) match. This is only for a single fall and has a ten minute time limit, so expect a lot of action.


Rey Cometa: white face paint
Stigma: red/black mask


live lucha libre wrestling (CMLL) 

Well, that slapped!

We're back to the usual format now with Sanson/Cuatrero/Forastero vs Soberano Jr/Atlantis Jr/El Audaz.


Sanson: Black/white open chin mask
Cuatrero: White/black mustache-y mask
Forastero: Uh, the other one

Soberano Jr: Blue/white mask with feathers, blue/white long boys
Atlantis Jr: Lighter blue/white mask
El Audaz: Gold/red mask

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