dool - sulphur & starlight 

can't find my last music thread. I'm back on my new(ish) music bullshit.

I listened to a couple of tracks of this. it's decent, but not really interesting enough, or heavy enough, to capture me. onto the next!

baest - necro sapiens 

again, bounced after a few tracks. pretty decent death metal, with an old school vibe, but it just stayed at one level the entire time, which I tired of.

brand of sacrifice - lifeblood 

I threw this on my list because it was hyped but, nope, still not into deathcore

black crown initiate - violent portraits of doomed escape 

this one was much more my thing, but I ended up switching it off regardless. the mix really wasn't working for me, it felt kind of indistinct? maybe worth a revisit on headphones

iotunn - access all worlds 

ok, NOW we're talking. I love this: huge sounding melodic progressive death metal. really nice high clean vocals, great growls, very atmospheric, great stuff!

paranorm - empyrean 

I really dig this. it evokes what I love about thrash metal while bringing enough other stuff to keep it fresh and interesting. lots of interesting harmonies, great drums, great mix. I think they could probably have dropped a track: at 54 minutes, this is extremely long by thrash standards but it does *almost* earn it


significant point - into the storm 

I had high hopes for this, based on its description, but it's pretty straightforward power metal. not *bad*

fantasy - beyond the beyond 

70s prog rock. a lot of it feels incidental, easy listening but not much to engage with. more evocative of good prog than good itself. other parts are just good! afterthought, for example, and worried man.

atramentus - stygian 

45 minutes and 3 tracks of atmospheric doom metal: sub 50bpm, organ, growls, assorted drones. what's not to love? (nothing. this rules.) I can see why this made a lot of 2020 album of the year lists

celtic frost - morbid tales 

this is an early metal album, from 1984. it's still a good listen, but most of it has since been done better. still, the riff on circle of the tyrants (which opeth covered, so I had heard before) stands up, as does the half-time on dethroned emperor.

demiser - through the gate eternal 

I'm on a roll, I love this too! Incredible riffs throughout, fantastic drumming, great sound. blackened thrash metal is very much my thing, it turns out! immediately perhaps my second favourite album of the year, this will be going in the rotation.

dialith - atrophy 

this EP came out just last week. it's symphonic metal, but with a heavy power metal sensibility, and I love it! they released a full length last year, I'm excited to go back and listen to that

revulsion - revulsion 

this is a really solid death metal album. a few interesting tracks, nothing too exceptional, but I could see myself revisiting it

cangaço - rastros 

brazilian folk/death metal, this is really great! it's very dense, rhythmically complex and driven, really great bass work. it took me a few tracks to get into it, but listening for a second time now it's all great. it doesn't really sound quite like anything else. highly recommend!

dvne - progenitor 

this is the first ep by dvne, from 2014, who released one of my favourite albums of this year in march. lots to like in here, and it's recognisably the same band (albeit sans synth), but not up to etemen aenka. the lack of synth is likely responsible for much of that

gaupa - feberdröm 

this is fairly straightforward proggy stoner rock, except for the vocals. the vocal performance is arresting, reminiscent of bent knee, and meshes well with the band. for me, the drums stop it from really hitting, though this is more a reflection on my enjoyment of rock drumming than the drummer, I suspect (not a double kick to be heard!)

sanguisugabogg - tortured whole 

I am very much not into explicit gore and their lyricist very much is, so I bounced off this pretty quickly, sadly

steel bearing hand - slay in hell 

this is a good time! death/thrash is right in my wheelhouse, this has some really good riffs and grooves, though is a touch inconsistent. the closing 12 minute track, ensanguined, is particularly great! will definitely be excited to hear more from them

havukruunu - uinuos syömein sota 

this was a consensus pick from 2020, and I can see why. really incredible black/folk metal, atmospheric, brutal in places, groovy in others. a real masterpiece

the gathering - mandylion 

i LOVE this. anneke van giersburgen has an amazing voice: I've heard her collaborating in so much other stuff, so I'm surprised I've not listened to this before. the band and composition are also incredible. it's a very simple sound in some ways, but they do an awful lot with it. definitely an inspiration for my own music

dialith - extinction six 

this is INCREDIBLE, I love it!! symphonic metal drawing from power and melodeath, every track put a huge smile on my face

abiotic - ikigai 

this is a mixed bag for me. some excellent moments, and some great individual tracks, but the brutal/technical sections don't really land for me: the drums get a bit ticky tacky at that speed (only really in those sections though, there's a lot of the drumming I do like!), and that takes the life out of them.

good album, I think, but not quite to my tastes

iotunn - the wizard falls 

I loved their first album from February of this year so went back to listen to this EP. some good tracks!

felled - the intimate earth 

this is a black metal band with a violinist. that sounds like it could suck but it very much doesn't

ophidian i - desolate 

this is very technical death metal. some good moments, but overall not really my thing

wode - burn in many mirrors 

this is a pretty great black metal album, I think. it doesn't really click with me, but I'm weird about black metal sometimes

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