rallye monte carlo is a bit of a bust this year. the weather's so mild that the only ice or snow on the course so far has been on a single corner and was likely spectator-made

this does mean that they're going to have tire problems by the end of the weekend. a chunk of their allocation is for studded tires, which they aren't going to need at all, and their normal tires are a compound designed for lower road temps, so they'll wear faster on the relatively warm roads


so far only one driver has used snow tires, because their power steering failed and the lower grip tire makes turning the steering wheel without power assistance easier. (they'd lose ten minutes per stage skipped, so finishing even slowly is way better)

and you can still hear him grunting from the effort of driving on the onboard audio. his co-driver is pulling the handbrake for him. luckily there aren't* an enormous number of hairpins on this rally

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