another thing that really tickles me is that they have a special font for the wrestlers names, which is just normal kanji but all the brushstrokes are fatter

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this is not conventional sumo technique and it didn't work at all but it was very fun to watch

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Out on the town having brunch with a bunch of Uruk Hai. They're all just out of frame, laughing too.

flowless when he sees his in-laws wearing clothes of two different cloths (Lev 19:19)

just beat ascension 2 on slay the spire for the first time with any character!

this was a really fun run, I hit strength scaling cards and relics early, and bullied my way through every fight. block was an issue at the end of act 1, but i'd mostly balanced that out by the end of act 2, and then got a portal when i was 3HP off full and went for it!

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