spent the evening on backing vocals (plus a stronger lead track, albeit with some clipping right at the end, still figuring out my mic position/gain)

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this is the first thing i've ever composed! i couldn't have told you what a "IV" chord was a week ago, so i'm pretty pleased with it!

now actually mixed (and with all the drum outputs, not just "ambient left")

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logged on for the first time today to this, logging off immediately bc it can't get any better

we found a fishmonger that gets sashimi grade salmon in once a week 👀

another thing that really tickles me is that they have a special font for the wrestlers names, which is just normal kanji but all the brushstrokes are fatter

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this is not conventional sumo technique and it didn't work at all but it was very fun to watch

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me replying to a thread entirely comprised of monads.online users

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