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This is pretty much all I know about this book. Also hearing uncorroborated reports that Jodi Dean "whips ass".

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So I was going to return to The End of Policing after Are Prisons Obsolete?, but I want to let APO? percolate a little before I read more on the same topic. So in the meantime, a book I picked up to round out an order, that I know very little about: Comrade by Jodi Dean

Verso Books have made The End of Policing by Alex S. Vitale free here:

(click on "Ebook" to see the 100% off price)

Marx's Wage Labour and Capital 

The version I'm reading is condensed, from The Marx-Engels Reader (borrowed from the AKA Autonomous Social Centre's library)

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vulfposting (i.e. music) 

this is one of the many small moments that make Vulfpeck's MSG concert (it's free on YouTube!) so special. Charles Jones (centre) solo'd on an earlier song and joined the backing singers for Christmas in LA. This is Antwaun Stanley (left) teaching him the words to the bridge, mid-performance.

notice how they're only telling you about damage to corporate businesses. that's because the local businesses won't collude with them to lie to you about what's really happening, and what's really important.

i'm currently working through what will be involved for a substantial refactor in cloud-init, and found which generates call graphs for via static analysis. The image is what `` looks like, and it's been very helpful for working out what relates to what.

coffee "science" 

experiments complete! will tidy up before thinking about it more, but the two conclusions I'm drawing are: the metal filters are not apparently different in this experiment so it probably isn't telling me much about them, but they do seem to make a single filter retain a little more water and do so more consistently

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