the existence of sweet chin music implies the existence of umami chin music.

slavery, kidnapping conditions 

okay here we go. so historically, dreadlocks are a hairstyle that directly comes from slavery. when my people were taken from our native lands and forced on the ships, they were crammed so tightly, they would often get drenched in each others bodily fluids. that, plus time, and general lack of access to hygiene, matted the hair of the enslaved people and created this "style"

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so, we're entering the last moments that mastodon has before i go on my "dreadlocks are only for black people" tirade

CEOs and management don't have harder jobs than moms are you out of your fucking mind

i put my zodiac signs in my profile to keep the “smart” smart people away and i have no way of knowing if it’s working, but i believe in it, and isn’t that the point anyway

@Aleums there's a London chain called hummus bros which does hummus bowls and I must have eaten there once a week when I worked around the corner from one. so good!

every single time anyone talks about how bad d&d is my desire to never play another system again grows stronger

Stop harassing people who crowdfund.

Your obsession with capitalism and individualism rotted your brain and capacity for empathy.

Asking for money is not and never will be shameful.

Policing how people survive and try to enjoy being alive in this rapidly deteriorating dumpster planet is shameful.

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