@hirojin it's definitely interesting! given that introducing a dependency to cloud-init also implies adding it to most cloud images in the world, we are generally very conservative about adding them. this project is very young, too, so we'd probably need to wait until its more established before relying on its availability everywhere

re: bitching about code under capitalism 

the wet'suwet'en are being arrested for trying to keep oil companies out of their land. here's how to support them if you can't stand with them where they are: 

request for financial help (not me), gofundme, ICE 

"Understand this: You are the CEO, but we hold the power. We are highly organized and more agitated than ever. We stand fully committed to perpetually continue to utilize our collective power unless and until our demands are met."

Instacart shoppers striking for the first week in Novermber, the 4th year in a row


The Lord of the Rings Extended Editions: The Good Bits 

live lucha libre wrestling (CMLL) 

live lucha libre wrestling (CMLL) 

live lucha libre wrestling (CMLL) 

live lucha libre wrestling (CMLL) 

Match currently happening is Blue Panther Jr/Pegasso/Black Panther vs Misterioso/Okumura/El Sagrado


Blue Panther Jr: blue himself
Pegasso: horny
Black Panther: black panther

Misterioso: sparkly green mask with neck tassels
Okumura (cpt): no mask, Japanese
Sagrado: skull shirt, black/white mask

CMLL (Mexican lucha libre wrestling) is happening!

Official Youtube: youtube.com/watch?v=8bq3zclQu2

Bootleg Youtube: t.co/YAxcrdTifa?amp=1 (courtesy of @luchablog@twitter.com)

I'll be posting a breakdown of who is who under here.

`git commit --fixup=HEAD` / `git rebase -i --autosquash` is a very powerful combo

if you want to see kenny omega wrestle, he's doing so now

this week's AEW Dark premiering on YouTube rn if anyone wants to watch some wrestling: youtube.com/watch?v=I7_nxdftYk

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