i do not like jeans but i will fight for the right to wear them in all public settings

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"latex whips tho" a single post that have very different meanings between two separable subsets of the monads field

my worst fear is anyone asking me for directions anywhere. i cannot tell you anything. i don't even know street names. i'm like "you know the 7/11 next to the school? yeah turn right there."

you, a fool: why is this such a common type of guy

Foucault, transcendent in his piercing insight: why is 'types of guy' such a common type of discourse

what's wild to me is that the exact people in education theory who will talk your ear off about growth mindset vs fixed mindset will also ask students to report their learning style as though, for many students, "i'm an X learner," won't immediately become a belief about their own learning used to justify disengaging from a lesson if they're struggling with it

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the snow runner tutorial is unbelievably bad lmao

the groups have already been drawn, but I want to leave y'all in suspense a little bit, but for the time being, here are the 32 participants in the 1994 #AlbumBowl 

Aphex Twin, Selected Ambient Works Volume II
Beastie Boys, Ill Communication
Beck, Mellow Gold
Blur, Parklife
Green Day, Dookie
Guided By Voices, Bee Thousand
Hole, Live Through This
Jeff Buckley, Grace
Kyuss, Welcome to Sky Valley
Lisa Germano, Geek the Girl
Live, Throwing Copper
Manic Street Preachers, The Holy Bible
Massive Attack, Protection
Nas, Illmatic
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Let Love In
Nine Inch Nails, The Downward Spiral
The Notorious B.I.G., Ready to Die
Oasis, Definitely Maybe
The Offspring, Smash
Pavement, Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain
Pearl Jam, Vitalogy
Pink Floyd, The Division Bell
Portishead, Dummy
The Prodigy, Music for the Jilted Generation
R.E.M., Monster
Soundgarden, Superunkown
Stone Temple Pilots, Purple
Suede, Dog Star Man
Sunny Day Real Estate, Diary
TLC, CrazySexyCool
Tom Petty, Wildflowers
Weezer, Weezer (The Blue Album)

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I am taking the dog for a walk to the park during the lunar eclipse, hell yeah

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My financial situation isn't getting any better.
I'm 300€ overdrawn and my electricity and phone bill didn't go through. Not to mention my 2.700€ electricity bill for the 2021 year my electricity agency didn't take monthly. I'm on sickleave since last October due to my burn out and I'm getting paid much less, I barely eat because I'd rather buy food for my pidges but it's starting to have huge impacts on my (mental) health. 😔
My PayPal is https://www.paypal.me/melissalaguel

Thank you 🙏🏼


I'm sitting out on the lawn to watch the lunar eclipse, hell yeah

#OtD 15 May 1998 Palestinians marked the Nakba or Catastrophe for the 1st time in an organised way 50 years since the end of the 1948 war and a day after Israeli independence. The war saw 700,000 Palestinians expelled and hundreds of villages destroyed https://workingclasshistory.com/2018/12/16/e17-anti-zionism-in-israel-part-1/

@drybonesofficial think how much longer you'd have to wait if you'd parked closer

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