Ofc the US is a threat to China, two weeks ago Congresspeople and military commanders were openly discussing their anticipation of war with China by 2025 and they just shot down a sillyass balloon to whip up more hysteria.

@Thomas @bonesbonesbones maintaining direct unblinking eye contact with this guy as I perfectly peel an egg, pop it into my mouth and swallow it whole, to assert my dominance

@heartles got bitten by a subclass and now, now, now I'm... polymorphic AWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

workshopping a joke about the diamond multiple inheritance problem and AB blood type

@Aleums what makes your studio so special is that it can only be processed as a function of the passage of time

can't believe china sent that balloon up to spy on our most sensitive repositories of military data (the war thunder forums)

Quark: I don’t think I can gaslight gatekeep girlboss my way out of this one.

@Odd_Bloke im saying!!! lmao. bailey vs ibushi when ibushi swears hes gonna work a more grounded hard hitting style from now on sounds insane lol

BREAKING: Xi Jinping Creates Fleet of New Spy Balloons By Inflating You Big And Round

i would start to believe China was a threat to America if China had naval bases all around our coasts, politicians repeatedly talked about how our government was illegitimate and repressive, there was a touring Chinese ballet about the evils of the American government, their politicians were putting pressure on Mexico and Canada to stop trading with us, and every member of their congress regularly talked about how they love Free Texas and support its secession and how it's the only real America

"i wanna come into work, boss, but this goddamn balloon"

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gonna need a few sick days after catching the ol' havana syndrome from this fuckin balloon

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