year of no light - tocsin 

yonl (as noöne is calling them) defined their post-metal sound early on, this 2013 album has a broadly similar sound to their most recent. I really like it!

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Nick Cave started a site where he responds to fan questions, and this message about his son who passed away is one of the more beautiful things I've read in a while, so figured I'd share for anyone who hasn't seen it

eye of purgatory - the lighthouse 

fun death metal album with some nice synthy bits, not a huge standout though

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bathory - bathory 

listening to some classic black metal for the first time, this rules! a little formulaic at this point, but it practically defined the formula sooo

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jinjer - micro 

I already knew half these songs very well, and perennial is probably my favourite jinjer song. so unsurprisingly I really liked this!

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altin gün - on 

turkish psychedelic folk/funk/rock, it's really great! definitely reminiscent of some older turkish music I've heard, which I should listen to more of

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cocteau twins, harold budd - the moon and the melodies 

this was a discovery for me, and I really dig it! I particularly like the vocal layering where it happens, that's something I've been thinking about for my own music

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sisyphus shutting down his PC happy that his inbox has been cleared only to log back in the next day and find his inbox is once again full

anguish - doomkvädet 

the single from this album was "consumed by the necro doom", and that's a good summary. very solid album!

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us maple - acre thrills 

this is more experimental than it is music, a lot of the time. some good moments, but a more challenging listen than I'm generally looking for

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key - bad love 

a friend recommended this, and I really dig it! always down for some k pop

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king woman - created in the image of suffering 

more great doomy rock, or rocky doom from king woman. not as much of a standout as celestial blues, but still really good!

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dim - compendium i 

more (or, rather, the first) cool dungeon synth from dim. very chill!

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oops dropped my barcode scanner will just have to bend over to pick it up

if china's so good how come there isn't a china dos

mastodon interaction tips:
— try not to compare a mexican person to a 'five-layer dip'
— try not to call an indigenous person 'chief' as an insult
— try not to call a jewish person a nazi for disrespecting sodastream

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