working through the five layers of dip. first, the hummus of denial

tipped the dip over flowless' head but he's styling it? call that five layer drip

It's finally here: my second album, Dream Longer, is out today on bandcamp! You can listen to it and download it for free, or pay however much you like.

I've put a lot of work into his project and I am very proud of the result. I'm overjoyed to share it with you, and I hope you enjoy it!
Thanks again to @jaye for the lovely art

lewdish but it's really about git 

Yeah sex is great but have you tried getting `git rebase --onto` right on the first try without looking at the docs

*consuming media that aligns wihh my politics* mmm.... Scrumptious ..
*i consume some media with disagreeable politics* ptheh!! Ptooie!! Garçon, what is this garbage??

what people think is "IQ" is really just a function of how rich your family is and how much funding your school gets
zip code predicts academic performance way better than "IQ"

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in conclusion, libertarianism is a land of contracts


eugenics isnt just bad because most (especially mental) traits arent actually real or because theyre so intertwined in our makeup it would be impossible to take them out, but also because, even if we could, it would still be morally reprehensible to do so

i do not boost my toot at you, sir. but i boost my toot, sir

also I have problems with the way autism, ADHD, and even something like schizophrenia are divided up. I don't think it makes sense.

I think those systems of categorization and diagnosis, which are about as obviously socially-constructed as it is possible for something to be, themselves encode further oppressive ideologies and material systems.

that's a separate conversation, and one which liberates rather than erases disabled people, which social constructivism allows me to have

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I am ADHD, or autistic, or whatever. My executive dysfunction constitutes a real difference in my abilities that would cause me grief even if they didn't threaten my life.

The fact that one must independently apply for, and be given, a job to survive in this world dis-ables me, because my executive dysfunction makes this extremely difficult.

in a society where one did not need to work a job to live, or even just one where a central authority assigned me a job I could physically do that would pay me enough to live, I personally would be MUCH closer to able-bodied.

society is constructed in a way that disables me. society has constructed me as disabled. these are equivalent statements. neither implies that I am not, in some way, different from other people, nor that this social construction does not target/hinge on my individual difference.

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constructivist disability theory has the term of art "impairment," vs. "disability," specifically to make it easier to talk about this.

"impairment" is literal, 'real' difference, and specifically 'real' incapacity.

"disability" is the condition of being denied access and needs by society, of being dis-abled by societal structures.

"disability" and "impairment" interact, are even hard to separate, but they're logically different. consider a hypothetical universe where English has standardized spelling, or simply where systems never punished you for spelling something wrong; in that world, one would surely notice that some people really struggle with spelling, it simply would not matter. they would be impaired in a way that society did not dis-able

in this sense, the built environment can be disabling or ableing. curb cuts lessen the disability of wheelchair users, or more insightfully, the absence of curb cuts are disabling for wheelchair users; they restrict access to public space

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social constructivism doesn't intrinsically deny difference, it questions the ways difference is defined, categorized, and constrains

put another way, "ADHD/autism/neurodivergence is socially constructed with reference to a person's usefulness to capitalism, and this explains how ableism functions against people disabled in these ways" does not *make* an assertion as to whether those people are in fact intrinsically different from "normal" people — it questions the meaningful existence and cohesion of "normalcy," which when you look deeper is just "ideal for capitalists," and which is used *against* people who capitalism has no use for —

*often because of impairment/real differences in ability,* which would exist *whether or not* anybody felt any need to define, categorize, and naturalize them.

dyslexia is a real characteristic some people have that is only perceptible because we use writing, and mainly disabling because we believe in and value 'good spelling'

when i was little my dad was a pastor running spanish language services and i remember he spent most of his time setting up and running services that distributed food and clothes to the community, which was very poor, and by the time i was a teen he had given up on that and just complained about gays and abortion and muslims. that basically sums up the trajectory of 21st century US christianity to me

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