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`git commit --fixup=HEAD` / `git rebase -i --autosquash` is a very powerful combo

if you want to see kenny omega wrestle, he's doing so now

this week's AEW Dark premiering on YouTube rn if anyone wants to watch some wrestling:

1994-10-13: Power League Wrestling at St. Pius V Church in Providence, Rhode Island, USA

The Coroner defeats Whispering Death (Singles Match)

Anyone running #WriteFreely via Docker, by any chance?

I'd like to deploy it to one of my VPSes, but everything is running there in Docker, wouldn't want to set up WriteFreely + deps outside.

(Boosts appreciated)

vanity is editing the numbers in your ipython logs to make it look like it didn't take you 15 attempts to type out a simple expression

A worker owned taxi #coop in Southend has grown from 6 to 70 drivers.

They repaid all their investors and returned £3000 to their members last year. The same year Uber left the area after failing to compete with them.

We need this in every town and city!

CMLL thoughts 

CMLL thoughts 

CMLL thoughts 

CMLL thoughts 

And is just a blast, IMO. The crowd always love it, and they generally put on a pretty good show. For me, it's low stakes fun that I can tune into for free at the same time every week, which is perfect.

(Incidentally, almost all of their shows go up on their YouTube almost immediately, here's last night's show: which I'm catching up on as I pontificate.)

Chikara, and more specifically King of Trios, was really the first non-WWE wrestling that I ever watched, so it will always hold a special place in my heart.

I always enjoy when I watch it live, but it's not in "catch up afterwards" territory for me yet. Part of that is because I don't have a great handle on who is who yet, so watching with the Splania Discord folks who are properly into TJPW makes it a lot easier to follow along. (Plus watching with those folks is always a blast!)

Enjoying my wrestling filled weekend thus far. KoT Night 1 last night, followed by TJPW. Catching up on last night's CMLL during the day today, before KoT Night 2 tonight, then KoT "Night" 3 tomorrow afternoon.

you see, a humane society would never work because -- and this is a very complex point -- it would be difficult

All you need to grow your own vitamin-packed sprouts at home is a jar or plastic cup, preferably clear, and a cloth to cover it, and some way to keep the cloth fastened on, like a rubber band or hairtie.

Do you have those things? Want to try growing sprouts? DM me an address and next Monday I'll post you an envelope containing heirloom-y, non-GMO, open-source seeds that you can use to try it out, at no cost to you.

(Offer valid for the first, say... 60 respondents.)

(Boosts encouraged.)

Wednesday Night War Week 1: Arguing with Myself

My original plan for covering the dueling pro wrestling buzz factories of AEW Dynamite and WWE NXT was to compare the shows and definitively state who won the war that week. Here’s the thing though: it’s dishonest. That’s not how it works. Many things can be objectively true, but such and such wrestling show won against other wrestling show isn’t really one of them. I’m too dedicated to things like nuance and indecisiveness to pull off a gimmick like that. So instead, I’m going to write both the “NXT won” and the “AEW won” articles. (It’s libra season, duh!) Smooth Sailing: The case for NXT If you’re grading the war (and …

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