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programming snarkpost 

programming language idea: what if we made something that was like python but with all the annoyances of a strong/strict/hard-as-nails type system but none of the actual advantages and then used it at one of the largest companies in the world so people would mindlessly copy its use until it infects the entire world

just kidding....


Aaaand here we go, my first code released under an ethical license!

ds-identify is a script that runs at systemd generator time to determine if cloud-init should run and if so, what datasource it should use when it does.

I got bored the other weekend and decided to try reimplementing it in Rust, because I hadn't written any Rust in a minute.

rs-identify is licensed under the CNPL.

y’ever had all the money needed to abolish scarcity for untold millions and instead thought “better shuffle my retinue into a bunker to wait this out”? ha ha, me neither 😑

the entire gender problem isn't exactly "people are mistakenly assigned one gender when really they fit the qualifications for another" it's believing that you can be arbiter of what makes one qualify for a certain gender. it's believing that gender has a static definition

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Mark my words: the free desktop is going to get right and properly EEE'd within the next five years, and none of you are going to lift a fucking finger to stop it because Microsoft is all cuddly and friendly now.

Microsoft steals name of Linux Desktop project (MauiKit and the Maui distribution) for their project that does the same thing and then blames Linux community for using that name to begin with (which is obvious trademark infringement as they've both had those names for years now). Abusing power over GitHub to then delete any issues on their project related to the name collision and deny they are at fault for ignoring the first search result that comes up for the name Maui.

You can tell they are trying to embrace, extend, and extinguish. But with blunders like this and the way their megacorp stooge bosses like to handle it they won't be extending anything.

Finding out my computer has linux... Open it up and theres some command typing screen...
Im afraid its terminal....

1958-05-21: Promotions Eddie Quinn at Palais des Sports in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Black Panther & Little Beaver defeat Fuzzy Cupid & Sky Low Low (Tag Team Match)

descriptivist: there is no 'right' or 'wrong' way to use language. we can only document current usage

me: no. you are talking nonsense. read a book of wittgenstein. you dunce. you fool

prescriptivist: that's right. there's an underlying structure to language and we should only use it in a fashion that's in accord with this structure

me: shut the fuck up. the so-called 'rules' of 'grammar' are merely one language game among many. read a book of wittgenstein. you dipshit. you charlie

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Every technological development in the past twenty years has just been "we make you see ads faster" while destroying everything else worthwhile in society

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wealth inequality visualization link

"By redistributing [85% of the wealth of the richest 400 Americans], millions of lives would be saved. Billions would be rescued from poverty and disease. By inconveniencing just 400 people, the entire human race could advance to a new, unprecedented level of development.

And all of them would still be billionaires afterwards."

Cishet white dudes who act like they're opressed are fight on sight

Makes me want to fucking scream. Capitalism ruined computing just like it ruins everything and I'm so fucking tired of it. But at least people could stop pretending that it isn't happening.

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what if we just restored the state of web technology from like 1999 or whenever, just on ports 81 and 444 instead?

just kidding


one time in my uni town a preacher stood on the main street and started yelling homophobic and islamophobic stuff and some boy came and stood in front of him playing scotland the brave on bagpipes to drown him out

ethically licensed open source musings 

perhaps a corollary here is: adoption does not need to be the driver of your decisions about software, and that includes the licensing.

(this, of course, is a fact that capitalism drives us to forget, particularly if we're employed to write software.)

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there's a fine line between shitposting and shit posting

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