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ignoring racism to focus on screenshot dunking is respectability politics, hope this helps

People really really need to understand that snouts had had 4 instances of people being racist over the course of like 3 months and the only thing that was going to save it was putting the hammer down and not feeling bad about it. If you want a community not to be racist, you need to send a clear signal that it will not be tolerated. Being wishy-washy is not acceptable. Suspending instances being critical of you while you harbor racists is not acceptable. This is not hard to understand and is basic moderation

what demoweasel did was dogwhistles with alt-right memes on this website

and people came to his defense

just think about that

@Aleums anyway, here's this:

i have literally no idea if you will enjoy this at all, but i love it (and the other 11 parts) deeply.

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as always happens when i go looking for early philip glass to troll people with, i've just been vibing to early philip glass for 20 minutes now

motion to ban all music not in common time on the grounds that 3/4 is a gateway to complex time signatures

weird i'm taking an adhd assessment and the only question is "is all the music you listen to in 16/5 or some other bullshit time signature"

at the beginning i thought that the "science" in computer science was a misnomer. now i realize it is the "computer" in computer science

Just kicked off a long-running test and wanted to go do something else until it finished:

tail --pid $(pgrep tox) -f /dev/null; mplayer ~/Music/*

(Yep, `tail` just also supports waiting for a PID to exit it turns out.)

(You know you're explaining something well when you're nesting parentheses.)

shocked to discover that i've been talking to the skype call testing service for every one of my online therapy appointments

right-clicking on the URL bar and selecting "Always show full URLs" fixed it for now

(I assume that option is going the way of Google Reader before long though)

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Chrome updated yesterday and is now not showing me full URLs 🤮

me, trying to sleep:
my brain: pylint has a countable number of output states

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