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hi everyone, i am open for commissions! :ACNH_Flourish:

i am available for painted avatars ($25) and painted illustrations with a simple background ($75+)... and everything in between!

you can check out my portfolio for more examples of my work, and contact me via commissio, email, or dm if you are interested 🖤

when limp bizkit said its just one of those days i felt that

❗️ Learn how Chelsea Manning endangered Americans

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liberals cannot argue that socialism shouldnt exist, because the morals they pretend they have say they should believe in it. but they also dont actually want socialism, so instead they argue that the socialists are hypocrites or that it will simply never happen, so they dont have to think about it too much

(very excited about what that image description is going to do to my autocomplete)

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Also going to add myself to the list of white people going "amazing how I could outright post dick and balls porn or bdsm content know here untagged and no one will complain but the moment flowless does a bit the tl loses its mind over 'monads users'"

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marathons run outside of greece are offensive to me

*to the tune of Mr. Brightside*
Comin out of my cage
I'm comin out of my cage
Comin out of my cage
I'm comin out of my

someone needs to write new lyrics to the trees by rush

So mastodon lets you have unlimited length application names?

Long day working at the cave where we keep prisoners chained up only able to experience life through shadow plays on the wall.

The prisoners keep asking if they can fuck the shadows. Buddy, they don't even let *me* fuck the shadows.

@georgespolitzer @zorotl @galaxybrain @pyxis @Em
OK but imagine veggie tales doing the new testament, and just keeping Jesus conveniently off-screen like Marris on frazier.

someone please explain to me how this scientific abstract connects 'deficit in theory of mind' to their hypothesis, which is that autistic people 'overvalue the negative consequences of their actions [taking money for a bad outcome]'

weird, that kind of sounds like autistic people… are thinking about other people's needs and desires and rights… both more than their own, and more than allistic people? that sounds like a highly-developed and highly-motivating theory of mind? because the 'negative consequences' of taking money for a bad cause are exclusively to other people 🤔

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