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@ancient_domains_of_word peak opsec is loudly shouting your own name as you commit a federal crime

"you're laughing. a neonazi accidentally tased himself in the balls and gave himself a fatal heart attack and you're laughing?"
I am. and I'm tired of pretending I'm not.

Cut my pie into pieces
This is my tasty torte

communism is about crossing tools over each other and the more tools you cross the more communister it is

For those who are getting overwhelmed by the updates on what's happening in the US, you can set up filters in most fediverse software, allowing you to absorb the info at your own pace, without needing to tell off those giving updates about this event which is huge for a lot of people.

For you folks on Mastodon based instances, go to the Settings, and go to Filters. Here you can create individual filters for each word you want, and if you want to you can have each filter configured to permanently drop the matching posts, even if the filter is removed.

For those on Pleroma, click the cog in the top right hand corner, go to Filtering. Here you can enter a list of words, one per line, to filter. By default, when a filter matches, the post will show up collapsed and you can expand it if you want, showing you what filter the post hit.

For those on Misskey, go to Settings -> Word Mute. Again, terms per line, and you can use regexes here if you know how to use 'em. You have the option for soft mutes which temporarily remove the posts from your timeline with a "username said something" message, or a Hard mute which permanently removes the post from your timeline, even when the filter is removed.

uspol, a reminder 

when you say "this is not normal" or "this is not who we are", you are denying the terrible, terrible imperialist past of the united states.

lets not pretend we dont kno why the cops arent cracking these crackers heads

i've written passphrase so much just now that I'm pass the phrase where I can pass it as a phrase

FYI: if you enable Telegrams "People Nearby" feature, your location can probably be precisely triangulated. The developers don't see this as a problem and don't intend to fix it.

There will still be interpersonal issues after the revolution, you'll still need to learn conflict resolution. Sorry.

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