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ok well I finally gave in and made a gofundme to get me top surgery bc I am feeling relentlessly horrible with dysphoria

boosts very much appreciated!!!

(to everyone who has put money in my ko-fi: I've set it aside to put towards the costs, I'm not just pocketing it for treats! thank you so much)

trolley problem: you have tied people into the tracks and are about to plough thru them on your kickass trolley but some miscreant looks liable to divert you. how do you prevent this

The thing about fluoride in the water conspiracies is that there has been heavy cross-over into hippies also rejecting fluoridation, much like with anti-vax conspiracies. The real horseshoe theory is alternative health.

apparently there is debate over where the bones of Christopher Columbus rest, because both the Dominican Republic and Spain have a corpse they claim is him. but I think we should make both into gender neutral bathrooms, just to be sure

“woke” is aave. any white person using it as a derogative should set off alarm bells.

"No politics" is always the dumbest fucking rule, because nothing exists in a vacuum and everything exists in a political environment. What people mean by "politics" us controversy, and its not my goddamn fault that my existence or liberation is a controversial stance

lewd, nothing 

if you jerk me do I not cum

"This is a problem because only computer users are accustomed to putting up with products that do not work; the car-, television-, and refrigerator-buying public is far less tolerant." get our asses andrew tanenbaum

just spent twenty minutes trying to translate "I downloaded a MIDI file and mixed virtual instruments into a backing track which I then recorded vocals over" to my grandparents who are in their mid 90s, so they don't think I am somehow in a band now. we'll find out how I did when they reply I guess!

happy world intellectual property day. remember to avoid websites such as libgen, z-lib, or sci-hub to avoid accidentally committing IP theft when getting legal copies of your books and papers

*search engine voice* did you mean: sodastream settlement

Keep anti-barefoot language out of your daily speech! Try replacing these common xypolytophobic idioms with friendly alternatives:

- Walk a mile in another man's shoes: Walk by the soles of another man's feet
- If the shoe fits, wear it: If the grass is comfy, step on it
- Waiting for the other shoe to drop: Waiting for the blister to appear on your other foot as well
- Big shoes to fill: Big footprints to pretend that are your footprints

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