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elrond: look, glorfindel, me and mithrandir have been talking, a

glorfindel: oh what have you been talking about. how neither of you has ever fought a balrog and would probably lose if you tried? talked about that?


glorfindel: that's what i thought


glorfindel: bitch

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elrond: so how was your mission

glorfindel: it sucked. zero balrogs

elrond: what about the ring-bearer

glorfindel: the who


glorfindel: oH

glorfindel: the manlet. yea i got him

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couldn't quite nail the bass line I was writing today, so put together a weird dungeon synthy loop instead

all helm presets, except the snare which is sitala's 808 sample

i cannot tell you how many times ive gone to someones house for the first time and their dog ends up sleeping on my lap or at my feet to their surprise. thats why when ppl say unprovable shit like “animals are great judges of character” im like yes, of course they are.

as for performance of course it depends send toot

one major advantage of interpreted languages is how hackable they are. got a bug in a script shipped by your distro? edit it. got a bug in a binary shipped by your distro? good luck you're learning distro packaging now

i think we can all agree that the most aggrieved demographic in this world is comedians who get a $100M paycheck from netflix. at least we have that as a baseline of agreement

sometimes a polycule is the people you fluid bonded with along the way

the idea that the working class, or any other revolutionary subject — women, black people, whatever — must first be defined to some arbitrary standard of 'realness' before its liberation can proceed is based on the fundamental mistake of pretending social categories like that precede analysis as ahistorical givens rather than being constructed thru analysis as a historical process ('idealism' in the marxist sense)

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