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oh word your handle is the goddess of chaos and you act like a little dipshit online? tell me more

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i think the trick for dealing with your rage and frustration at being raised in a deranged wacko religious conservative group is to not let it become your whole personality

if you ever wonder why liberals can't get anything done it's because they are terrified of anything they do being seen as politically motivated

Red salute to Venezuela and their elections that shit on US imperialism once again.

anyway if you want to satirize fascists don't exaggerate the things they think about themselves, exaggerate what they are: a bunch of contemptible cowards who make their own lives and everyone else's worse because they are fucking wrong

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hellthreads are bourgeois decadence. a perversion

@principito did you see that analysis the other day that showed 70% of crypto transactions are users buying and selling to themselves

twitter freaks are desperate for you to like crypto because as with all scams, the whole thing falls apart once new people stop investing their money

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that big fight scene in lord of the rings at helms deep was actually completely improvised

an orc army just showed up one day on the set and the cast had to fight them off and peter jackson just left the cameras rolling

@umalkosh @heartles two dudes, sitting in a cave, watching shadows 5 feet apart cause theyre not gay

bro.... what if we're just in a cave...... looking at shadows bro ......

this is amazing! innovation happens in spite of capitalism, not because of it, never forget that

i have like a maximum amount of good will for the band Mastodon but at this point you could feed an AI their albums and ask it to spit it out material 100% indistinguishable from everything they're doing now.

but also i look at this and think "awww, they really are best friemnds!"

me: ours eyes met so we must battle

jogger: what?

me: *throws live pigeon at them* Pidgey! use Tackle!

i think egypt should get the queen's corpse to show off in their museums or eat it if they prefer

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