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Every time liberalism doesn't make sense to you just remember that it's a philosophy which concludes that profit = utility since you supposedly created more value than you consumed

Workers also participate in this equation, if you can "sell" labor at a higher rate than what you consume, you are seen as virtuous and should have more, and if you "sell" labor at a loss, you are seen as consuming more than you produce and should either improve your labor value or consume less.

if cis people are allowed to burn down half of california with a gender reveal party i think whenever a trans person comes out, they should be allowed to burn down a police station

brutalist is when you use concrete. the more concrete you use the more brutalist it is

“A FORMER senior officer in Spain’s National Police Corps has said the 2017 terror attacks in Barcelona and Cambrils were organised by the country’s secret service in a bid to destabilise Catalonia before the independence referendum there.”

anyways, it's fucked up that health insurance and dental insurance are different things. what aren't they telling us about teeth

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usians: so horrifying. such authoritarianism. time to vote for an expansion to the biggest military budget in the world.

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it’s wild that people treat mao’s saying “political power grows out of the barrel of a gun” as some horrifying display of sociopathy and not an incredibly bare statement of an absurdly obvious fact

I have found an empath advice account on Instagram and it is truly horrid

NYT story mentioned in the 29th paragraph of a story about the assassination of Haiti's president that the financier who organized the assassination did not proceed until they got approval from the USA.

Authoritarianism is when anyone who takes an interest in politics can join the Party and prove themselves capable and help at whatever level they rise to. Democracy is when rich people decide who should be in charge through donations.

i think if you'll examine this situation closely you'll realise it's you who are being a hypocrite by claiming it's bad to exert social pressure while doing it yourself

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@cicatriz_jdr theres so many good replies i could make here as a rebuttal but they are greyed out and not available to me to select

the backlash against empaths is only happening because society has conditioned everyone into treating CHA as a dump stat.

but y'all aren't ready to have that conversation,, because your low CHA makes talking good hard.

stop treating nonbinary like its a cooldown period while you "figure some stuff out" and decide you're binary and will transition along more traditional styles and presentations.

as an empath i can sense that posting about being an empath is going to go great for me

i don't really check in on mainstream news stuff, but i keep getting these whiffs of headlines like "Biden Makes FORCEFUL Speech on Topic!" and "President Unloads Fiery Rhetoric!"

and i just know if i ever actually click through i am gonna see an 8 second clip of a parched mummy completely tripping over his words.

the emperor never has any fuckin' clothes, but we still get regular press releases about when he changes tailors.

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