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did you know tomorrow night kendrick lamar is releasing an album

most scenarios are more of a "step in the toilet" situation

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imagining how my 160lb great dane might manage to fall in a toilet

@shade if you flush with the lid up it rockets germs out like… this is scientifically proven

also pets can fall in

you gotta believe me when i say im praying for all of us. we gotta make it through

Not gonna lie, today is the day that I learned what an underscore was

type of guy who thinks the lotr films are racist bc all(?) the orcs have british accents

eurocentric history doesn't shy away from portarying the like, 1000 year period described as the "middle ages" as being pretty shitty for europe. them neglecting to discuss the incredibly impressive developments in other parts of the world, this is not solely in service of making europe look "good" in comparison, but making the "renaissance" look more *important*

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breaking news: international economic order predicated on it being 1993 forever shocked to realize time has continued to elapse

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