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actually ogg vorbis is the name of its creator, you mean ogg vorbis' monster

i post the words "ogg vorbis" constantly because it's funny. not sure why this is hard to understand

The FAA is opening for comments about seat sizes in planes wednesday // a tip from an faa-certified flight attendant: emphasize how seat size impacts your ability to expeditiously evacuate the aircraft in an emergency. that’s a benchmark requirement for passenger capacity that is unlikely to change soon."


did my first iracing race in months and came third hell yeah still got it

"Literally you do not eat bibles" "fuck God and fuck Jesus. I smoke weed all day long"

And other incredible replies that will live rent free in my head til the day I perish

posting in the drama channel of a discord you aren't in. the local theatre group are getting sick of your shit

i love him so much lmao. such an oddly built man. dense ass torso and much thinner legs. manlet. tough guy “all i care about is fighting” persona but he’s exquisitely manscaped.

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all ive learned from the G1 this year is tomohiro ishii’s eyebrows are on fleek ran out of disk space so has been down for a while, time for a fucked up timeline

when i was young i was even bigger and always took care of my clothes cuz going to the store to shop for new shit was so demoralizing

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big and tall sections are all like formalwear in a lot of stores lol. like button ups and slacks and shit and thats it. and god help you if youre trying to find jeans above a 42 waist

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going to an actual physical store to shop for clothes when youre big sucks ass. i joke about wearing only hoodies, dickies, pro clubs, and basketball shorts all the time but those are just the main clothes i can consistently find to fit me comfortably. if i want to find anything else i have to shop for it online.

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