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dreadnought - the endless (aug 2022) 246/365 

cool prog metal album! lots of different styles and sounds in here, and notably the band has two female vocalists

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hierophant - death siege (aug 2022) 245/365 

all I can hear is a snare way too high in the mix, drawing attention to the imprecision of the blast beats. no thanks!

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pilori - quand bien même l'enfer et le déluge s'abattraient sur nous (aug 2022) 244/365 

french crust hardcore is not something I expected to enjoy, but this is a good time. pulling from black metal and grindcore, this is very rhythmic, very brutal, but often melodic

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Due to the hegemonic doctrine of affective autonomy, "its valid to be sad the queen died" seems like an incontrovertible, common sense proposition. Because affect in the autonomous framework is entirely self-generated. But its ethically wrong to be sad the queen died. That affective pressure is the ideological operation of colonial power. Being sad the queen died is colonial. There are colonial affects and this is one of them

Reports are coming out of the United Kingdom that dissidents are being disappeared by state security forces for protesting the installment of Charles Windsor as supreme spiritual leader of the secretive hermit kingdom in the European far west. Pro-democracy groups are calling for free and fair elections in Britain but has so far been met with nothing but repression from the regime.

Britain-watchers have long seen Mr. Windsor as the hand-picked successor to the previous leader Elizabeth Windsor who died under mysterious circumstances last week and regard him as a hardliner who is unlikely to make any progress towards the transition to democracy. Shops, state media and public spaces are displaying portraits and praises of the previous leader and sources are already reporting the formation of a cult of personality around Mr. Windsor.

Britain remains a nation torn apart by centuries-old ethnic and religious divides. Despite the great wealth of the nation’s oligarchs little progress has been made to alleviate the humanitarian situation since the end of the civil war in the 1990’s.

blackbraid - blackbraid i (aug 2022) 243/365 

absolutely incredible black metal album from a native american solo artist. brutal and beautiful, one of my albums of the year

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solitude aeturnus - beyond the crimson horizon (1992) 242/365 

another killer album, this band has been a real revelation for me!

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candlemass - tales of creation (1989) 241/365 

candlemass are the goats, this album unsurprisingly kicks ass

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prokofiev - symphony no. 2 (1925) 240/365 

this symphony is somewhat unusual in that it consists of only two movements. the first movement is bold and brash and vibrant, the second movement is a series of variations on a theme. both parts are brilliant, but they feel disjointed on a first couple of listens

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Actually, 9/11 is the name of the day itself. The culture of increased islamophobia and military jingoism is called 9/11's monster

ghost - opus eponymous (2010) 239/365 

very catchy songs, cool gothic vibe, this is great!

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portishead - third (2008) 238/365 

portishead good imo. feels less triphoppy than their first two albums, still great

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fascinating to me that there don't seem to be tea people in the same sense that there are coffee people. people who are 'into tea' as like a hobby or a personality trait always turn out to be into herbal infusions & flavoured blends — so everything but the actual tea

Doing microtransactions (I, a trans person, am moving in increments so small as to be imperceptible to the human eye)

are you telling me a madonna wore this complex?

no, monster is actually the name of the brand. the drink is called monster energy

Good morning! Today is Labor Day in the US. As we celebrate the accomplishments of the labor movement, especially the eight-hour work day and the 40-hour work week, let's also remember that Labor Day in the US is set in September because Pres. Cleveland feared the socialist and anti-authority implications of putting the holiday on May 1, which he felt would have been an implicit celebration of the Haymarket Affair. (If you're unfamiliar: )

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