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i would take communion if jesus was made out of cheese

@nsmckinnon they all lived in harmony until the fire jordans attacked

Air Jordans imply the existence of Water Jordans, Earth Jordans and Fire Jordans.

i love that el desperado does the splits on the ring apron like a bad bitch every time he does his entrance. here he is demonstrating how he does them in an interview while wearing jorts

How do masks catch particles that are smaller than the holes?

1. Small particles are sticky because of static forces
2. Large particle go straight until they hit a mask layer
Tiny particles get knocked around by molecules until they hit a fibre
3. Fibres are given an electric charge so that they attract all particles


my phone wants to autocorrect "basic" to my name. I don't need this kind of treatment

watched glass onion tonight, that's a great movie

Open-plan offices kill productivity, but managers love them.

What's the solution? What if we made everybody wear a gag?

Don't worry. We'll make the gag look like an Oculus.

"Tesla’s fake video was created using 3D mapping on a predetermined route from a house in Menlo Park, California, to Tesla’s office in Palo Alto, according to Elluswamy. Drivers had to intervene to take control during test runs, and the scenes that were left on the cutting room floor included the test car crashing into a fence in Tesla’s parking lot when trying to park itself without a driver."

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It’s very funny to me that the dominant Twentieth Century conception of AI was a slightly awkward nerd with an inhuman mastery of facts and logic, when what we actually got is smooth-talking bullshit artists who can’t do eighth-grade math.

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