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when you want to see an italian opera but you can't get tickets. seville issue

*coughing up tiny fish* struggling to breathe under water. gill issue

Ants, bees and wasps are seen by humans as the epitome of obeying their rulers, being biologically locked into having a queen and her subservient worker bugs.

Yeah no, the workers of most social hive insects kill their queens all the time. For some species most queens are killed. Any honey farmer who's tried transplanting a queen bee in a hive can tell you that. The queen is at her workers' mercy, not the other way around.

You're free to associate this with human society however you want 🤷

I definitely want Slack to start training a language model on its users because it will hoover up all sorts of confidential and proprietary information from the companies that routinely use it to communicate.

and then you can be like "SlackChat please write a customer service prompt for me. tone should be polite. and it must include all publicly traded companies which are quietly nervous about missing their Q4 projections so I can short their stocks."

I interviewed Michelle Yeoh a few years ago about #StarTrekDiscovery and I mentioned offhand that I'd written an article about what seeing her use her accent on the bridge of a starship meant to me.

She stopped and said "Wait, that was YOU?"

And then proceeded to talk about how much that article had meant to HER and how it contributed to the success of the show.

I can't think about it without crying.

(The original article:

#MichelleYeoh #StarTrek #Oscars

I'm not being hyperbolic. This was literally the bank that the most anti-woke people used. The people that write anti-woke books like this.

Black folk weren't architects of either the hedging strategy or the bank run.

Don't bank run on your own bank, then try to blame it on us.

I'm not saying that Black folk didn't care about the Venture Capital money in Silicon Valley Bank. I'm just saying that we probably cared about it ~98% less than the rest of y'all. 🤷🏿‍♂️

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I love how Silicon Valley Bank is being portrayed as a "woke" bank, and their failure is blamed on being too woke.🤡

There is absolutely nothing that the US won't try to blame on Black folk.

Less than 2% of VC money even goes to Black folk. By assets, it was an anti-woke bank.

Black. Woke means Black.

i can't stress enough that less than 1% of people change operating systems every few weeks. this is not normal.

this is not funny. The economy only does this when it is depressed

Population distribution of the United States in units of Canadas

i would just like to live under the dictatorship of the proletariat. as a treat

When I was in Luxembourg this weekend, I saw these embossed markings on crosswalk buttons that show the layout of the crossing. This one shows multiple car lanes, tram tracks and inbetween pedestrian islands. #accessibility

Your weekly reminder that conservatives don't give a damn if you point out hypocritical behavior and it changes exactly nothing for them, and that taking the moral high ground is a bullshit position that just means you don't want to get your hands dirty fighting for what you believe in

Billionaires be like “i’ll give up 99% of my wealth when i die” ok well hurry up then

Prince Charming: I’ve found the one I want to marry, but she left the ball before I could get her name

King: Well what did she look like?

Prince Charming: Don’t remember

King: What

Prince Charming: I remember her feet tho 👀

King: jesus chRIST

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