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you can tell horses are abominations because they've evolved to not barf or burp due to their jiggling around so much when they gallop. so otherwise they would be puking constantly at like 30 MPH


saying you're gonna get someone into MUDs is like the most aggressive threat I have seen made of the fediverse.

❓ Quick question about childhood chores. When you were a kid did your parents make you attach the formal toilet seats & lids before company came over, or is that something they did themselves?

( boosts for sample size appreciated. )

call me commie scum, but i think children shouldnt be working at mcdonalds under any circumstances

I appreciate that this is going to upset some people, and I thought I was too shy to say it, but I prefer #BlueSky over #Mastodon:

Here's why:

in a similar vein. this looks amazing. the little details with the wrist ruffles poking out.

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i said this on my art main, but i'm taking a few 20 dollar ink doodle commissions so i can replace my tablet pen and eat more consistently this month. please boost :smiling_face_with_three_black_hearts:

We got enough for the Airbnb! You guys are so amazing. I’m crying tears of joy ⚡️💗

For those we don’t know, I’m homeless and going for a kidney transplant May 28. I’m in the hospital due to kidney infection but being released tomorrow. We are in need of Instacart gift cards badly because I can’t have extra $ in my bank account due to disability benefits. Also, having the Steam gift cards would give me games to play after my transplant. PLEASE SHARE!!

Sheridan with the triple-under! we have ourselves a game here, folks!!!

Wise words from the introduction & conclusion to my dad's #training material when he was learning to be a #software #developer in the late 1970s.

the best moment in the lord of the rings movie is when treebeard says "that doesn't make sense to me, but you are very small."

never has the plight of my people been so beautifully captured on film.

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