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If you're a shithead about people asking for financial help or other forms of help, fuck you. Get fucked. Up yours.

why does this piece of art not match my expectations? is it because the artist is wrong??

the political compass is what happened when someone decided to apply the dnd alignment chart to politics

farming simulator 22 voice

i'm sowing, this whips


I'm reaping! this also whips!

sims seem so happy. their secret? standing in the bathroom for hours at a time

I wonder how farming simulator plays on a wheel

selfie of me trying to fit into my grandpa's miata to go to thanksgiving dinner

Solidarity with our indigenous relatives as Canadian police violently arrest them on their unceded territory to support dirty oil pipelines. The US colonizer police also brutalize us Hawaiians on a routine basis.

even if tesla's were actually the saving grace we wanted, it's still a shit car. like why connect a car and multiple vital systems to the internet

The Distant Dog has appeared! One like = one step closer to the dog, one boost = one pet when we get there.

type of guy who shortens "rapture" to "rap" and confuses the shit out of everyone

Anyway please don't believe everything protestantism has told you, thanks

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I know people who are thoroughly convinced that if they don't recycle plastic (and I've seen them attempt to recycle stuff that is absolutely trash, that nobody will get anything from), they are disgusting slobs who should be branded with hot irons and spit on (not horny). They "believe science" even as they are visibly uncomfortable with the idea that there are a group of companies whose output dwarfs that of the rest of the planet (crypto might give them a run for it, but not yet). It makes them upset to think that in large part, it's out of their control, because they have so bought into the idea that if they believe correctly enough and act in just the right ways, they will fix everything and assuage the guilt which accompanies this acceptance of some imagined personal responsibility for the whole of industry.

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family, religion 

for some reason my dad thought I could potentially hunt lizards down and injure them intentionally when I was a little kid so he told me they were God's messengers and that if I treated them badly God would find out. I absolutely did not get what he was trying to do and so what this meant for me was that I would go out in the yard and catch them (carefully, because I was a careful kid) and then give them little updates so they could tell God what was going on in my day

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i sent this meme to my sister this morning and nine minutes later she replied with "yes" in bold text and a cell phone video of her rummaging through a paper grocery bag that contains at least two dozen cans of olives.

I recommend a bachelor's degree in computer science for those looking to get on the fast track to becoming jaded and losing all faith in the power of technology and those who wield it

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